MARCH 8th 2020 – SEPTEMBER 4th 2020


Curated by Valentina Luzi | In collaboration with EMMEOTTO ARTE

Opening March 7th 2020 h 7 pm


Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 20 – 00186
(only by appointment)

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Galleria Emmeotto, on March 7th 2020 lights up with the colors of the new exhibition Floating Dreams by the artist Arianna Matta. The exhibition, in the common areas and in one of the suites of the boutique hotel, is inserted with perfect synchrony between the works of the permanent collection, as per the new artistic project inaugurated at the end of 2019.
The exhibition offers a selection of medium and large size paintings, some recent, others made specifically for the space

When at first you see the works of Arianna Matta, the reaction is anything but rational. Despite the refined painting and the studied balance of the technique, you are kidnapped by the emotion without boundaries, you are immediately "impressed" by the involvement that you try to interact with the gaze, the dialogue that is established and the works, as a response, offer you the opportunity to be free with your thoughts and feelings.

The alienating beauty of the elusive subjects, but firmly present in space, whether they are a greenhouse, a garden, an internal environment, vegetation or water transmit their impalpable floating, their perhaps illusory, perhaps dreamlike suspension, a immediately empathetic dreaming intimacy. The vibrant alternation of strong colors, such as purple, green, intense pink, to the more subtle ones, conveys the artist's entire physical and personal journey, a perfect contamination between being and matter.

If the vision of the works can apparently lead to a perception of dissolution - liquefaction or deconstruction of spaces and time in a melancholic atmosphere outside of us, it is precisely there, instead, that there is Arianna’s life, gesture and strength, the emergence of her research, her character and her "doing". With her own vision, without preordained structures, she accompanies us in "her" world between combinations that seem familiar to us, but at times unpublished, where we recognize something, where our mnemonic baggage finds handholds, but other remains hidden from reason. Only by going further we can get in touch, through the initial imprinting, with the essence and allow our eyes to discover the details of the continuous game between macro and micro - cosmos. The interiors / non-interiors, the real or presumed landscapes, the hinted or defined forms, each mixes in its own dimension, giving life to an absolutely unique and personal hyperspace as the one of the unconscious is, or of that imperceptible passage between real and unreal , between sleep and wakefulness or of the thoughts that as vigilants begin to wander free-daydreaming- in the place they want, where the image is not completely defined, but remains in the memory, in the path of the "awakening", whatever it is. The space - time, in Arianna's works, envelops you, takes you out of the ordinary, leads you to a place of Carrollian magic. The visual breakdown that can, at first, destabilize the gaze, is the push to trigger new visions, which cross the border between the different atmospheres.

The wide brush strokes, obtained with studied pictorial solutions and experiments, delicate, but decisive, full-bodied, but elegant, follow one another in the exhibition spaces between natural and artificial light, based on the time of day, in a constantly moving tonal run. The guests of the Relais will be able to take possession of their break time, reflection, floating dreams, an opportunity to stop the rational frenzy and get lost in their "elsewhere", guided by Arianna’s languages.

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