The Emmeotto Living Gallery is a contemporary art gallery housed in Palazzo Taverna, a 15th-century historic building in the very heart of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Throughout the centuries, Palazzo Taverna has been the backdrop for historic and cultural events, as well as an important meeting place for Italian and international artists and intellectuals. These days, contemporary art still animates the palace in the large rooms of the Emmeotto: indeed, the palace's view over the Renaissance courtyard and its 17th-century fountain turn the gallery into a unique and suggestive place, where the past and the present are in dialogue with each other.

As well as hosting a heterogeneous range of activities, aimed at promoting and making the most of the artistic heritage through a packed schedule of exhibitions, the Emmeotto deals with project planning, linking different contexts and opening the way for new approaches to the creation and the organization of art events that interact with other expressive codes. Contemporary art is therefore “exported” to different worlds and places; the gallery, as a result, is no longer a static entity, but a dynamic place and a mouldable container, capable of adapting to a plethora of different languages.

The Emmeotto is the place where people can live the time of their own art experience and create their own curatorial project, nourishing a new, multi-shaped concept of gallery: not only a display area but also an atelier-like platform, with an open mind to manifold ideas and ready to embrace any changes of perspective and vision. This approach is also fostered by the research and advisory activity pursued by the New York branch of the gallery: the Project Studio, in fact, deals with the identification and the promotion of new artists and suggestions on the international art scene.

Emmeotto Living Gallery: where art experiences, images, ideas, creations and connections meet and coexist…