June 27th – November 14th 2017

Verdiana Patacchini | MUTA IMAGO

curated by Emmeotto Arte

Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 20 – 00186
(only by appointment)

Emmeotto Arte, in collaboration with Relais Rione Ponte, is pleased to announce the exhibition project by the artist Verdiana Patacchini titled Muta Imago. The dialect of the visible is the cornerstone of an artwork, where matter, in its most varied declination, inevitably leads to the immaterial.
In the classical period, the concept of Imago sums up the atavistic sense of figuration, that is the relationship between the observer and the painted image.
Imago is not simply defined as a figurative element, it is appearance, semblance, vision, and dream.
Verdiana Patacchini's work consists of heterogeneous elements, focusing on analysis and creative research. The artist investigates her iconographic vision using different materials.
Metals, paper, ceramics are the medium of a reflection that places this ancient topos in the center of her language that reveals the fragile delimitation between visible and invisible.
The figures emerge from matter, they are precisely apparitions, epiphanies, faded memories of a distant and intelligible reality.
Quoting Yves Klein in his essay entitled Le dépassement de la problematíque d'art: "The secret of a painting is indefinable. There is no mediation, it is literally impregnated by the pictorial state determined by a given space, it is a direct and immediate perception, without any effect or trick or arbitrariness".
The ceramic works reflect, unconditionally, the esthetic quality expressed by Klein: in her technical appropriation, Verdiana Patacchini configures materials according to her expressive needs. Monochrome lines and abstract motifs reflect a "dematerialization" of the figure, the border with the invisible is increasingly marked, making the icon a timeless faded shadow.
The imaginary universe of the artist feeds on different conceptual elements: literature, music, and poetry are essential components of her aesthetic research, such as in the series of works from Gerusalemme Liberata.
The labile border between visible and invisible is prefigured in Verdiana Patacchini's work as a primordial necessity in the assiduous and constant investigation that sows its course in the meanders of art history, where the exploration of unusual formal solutions represents the starting point to regenerate the strength of the election materials used by the artist.
In the beautiful setting of the Relais Rione Ponte, the works selection will define a new set-up where guests will be the characters of an artistic and emotional itinerary.

Verdiana Patacchini AKA Virdi, was born in Orvieto, Italy in 1984. She received her MFA from Via di Ripetta Academy of Fine Art of Rome in 2009. In 2011 she took part of the 54th Biennale di Venezia, for the Italian Pavilion and in 2012 her artwork La Veronica won the Catel Prize. On January 2016 Verdiana was awarded of 3 months artist residency at MANA Contemporary, Jersey City and she will be one of the artist President for MANA Wynwood in Miami from october to december 2017. On march 2016 the Emmeotto Gallery of Rome presented her solo show Unconscious Mind at the Consul General of Italy in New York. She currently lives and works in New York.

“I’m seeking a primitive impact from a surface when I am working. I like to create atmospheric effects that impart to the viewer the sensation of seeing through a vaporous and vague surfaces to create ambiguous and no-timing images within. My work want to investigate on the notion of embodied knowledge through images that stimulate memory, all in an ongoing of the conscious and subconscious state of the human mind”.



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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE | 2016 | acido, acrilici e polistirolo su ferro | cm 100x100
TRE TESTE | 2014 | acido, acrilici, china, fusaggine, foglia d’argento e mecca su zinco | cm 100x100
CITAZIONE_RITRATTO | 2015 | acrilici e fusaggine su carta pesta su pannello | cm 150x110
DONNA CON CAPPELLO | 2014 | collage, polvere di marmo e acrilici su ferro ossidato | cm 45x50
IL MUSICO | 2014 | acido e acrilici su zinco | cm 100x100
MAPPA CONCETTUALE (dittico) | 2016 | ceramica, engobbio su terra refrattaria | cm 45x31x2 cad.
FIGURA I | 2016 | ceramica, engobbio su terra refrattaria | cm 44x31x2
FIGURA II | 2016 | ceramica, engobbio su terra refrattaria | cm 44x31x2
L’ALTRO SENSO | 2016 | ceramica, engobbio su terra refrattaria | cm 30x39x2
UN FICO | 2016 | ceramica, engobbio su terra refrattaria | cm 35x35, spessore variabile
MONTAGNA | 2012 | acido, acrilici, polistirolo e carta giapponese su ferro | cm 100x100
UT | 2012 | acido, acrilici, china e polistirolo su ferro | cm 100x100